Replacing an Old Gutter System in Richardson

Homeowners often have a checklist when it comes to ensuring that every part of their home stays in good condition. However, sometimes the home’s gutters are excluded from that list. And more often than not, the home’s roof, foundation, and surroundings pay for that misstep. Luckily, our client David from Richardson didn’t take that misstep, and immediately contacted us here at Simply Gutters when he noticed that his gutters might need some professional tending to so that no additional issues could arise.

Dealing with the Passage of Time

We started the project with the basic assessments where we checked the gutter guards, gutters, downspouts, elbows, and fascia. Our team discovered that the existing gutter guards, gutters, and downspouts and elbows needed replacing as there was a lot of grime build-up due to age and some breakage. The fascia, however, remained in good condition and did not need any repairs or replacements.

Gutter Installation in Richardson, TX

6” K style gutters,  6” smart flow gutter guards, and  3×4” downspouts and elbows were needed to complete the project. We started with the removal of the existing gutter guards, gutters and downspouts. Then we carried on with the installation of the 6” K style gutters. The 6” K style gutters were chosen as it is less prone to leaks, effectively preventing water damage. It also holds more water, allowing it to last longer while giving the home a more seamless and modern finish due to its shape.

Moving on, we then installed the 6” smart flow gutter guards, which are powder coated with steel screens. These are way more effective compared to the old equipment as the powder coating makes them more resistant to chipping, scratching, fading, and wearing. With it being made out of steel, it is all in all more durable and more effective when it comes to guarding the gutters from dirt.

Last, we installed the new  3×4” downspouts and elbows, which, in comparison to the old equipment, does a better job in directing water away from the home in a more controlled manner. 

In the end, the removals and installations were a success, creating a sturdy and more effective gutter system. This new system will help prevent any potential soil erosion, roofing damage, and foundation damage. Our work has saved our client not only money in the long run, but also peace of mind.

Have your gutters been damaged by the passage of time? Our specialized workforce can handle it! Give us a call, and we will send out our fully-trained team to resolve any issue you are experiencing. For the best gutter systems AND the best services, contact Simply Gutters TN by calling 615-878-4061 today.

July 12, 2021