Fixing Up Gutter, Soffit and Fascia Damage in Nashville

The recent ice storms really hit this apartment complex hard. It suffered a lot of damage to the gutter and even knocked down some parts of it. We also found several spots of rotted fascia and soffit as a result of the leaks from the damaged gutters.

This is not home to just one family. This apartment complex is home to a lot of people and that means there will be a lot of people affected if the problems are not solved immediately. We’re talking about the risk of other problems like mold developing, massive inconvenience to the tenants, and of course, the weakening and more damage to the structure in general.

The management called us to fix them immediately, so we responded accordingly.

Gutter replacement, repair and cleaning

Several sections of the gutter fell down due to ice damming, so we had to replace those first and foremost.

The damage already cost the rotting of some parts of the fascia and soffit, so we replaced those as well.

Afterwards, we also cleaned out all the gutters and downspouts throughout the complex, to ensure a smooth flow when it rains.

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April 17, 2021